Chapter 2. The IotaBackup website

You can visit the IotaBackup website at If you have not already done so, Sign Up and then Login. When you Sign Up, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a link that you will need to click.

Once logged in, you will have more screens available to you from the menu at the top-right.

Website menu once logged in

Figure 2.1. Website menu once logged in

The Client Downloads link provides links to the latest clients. At the moment only Windows is supported, but we hope to broaden this to Mac OS X and Linux.

Client Downloads page

Figure 2.2. Client Downloads page

As the page explains, on a 64-bit Windows you can use the 64-bit build. If it doubt, the 32-bit version will always work.

The Your Backup Clients page lists the systems being backed up, shows some statistics, and allows you to Rename or Deactivate them.

Your Backup Clients page

Figure 2.3. Your Backup Clients page

The Total Data Stored & Total Files Stored tell you how big the current backup is, although undoubtedly many more historical files will be held in old snapshots. The Total sent to Cloud column records the total amount of data you have sent to the server.