Chapter 3. Installing IotaBackup

This section describes how to install IotaBackup on a Windows PC. Start by visit the IotaBackup website register yourself a user. As part of the registration you will be sent an email which you'll need to confirm. You should now be able to download the IotaBackup client.

Start by launching the Installer, either from the web site or a previously downloaded installer.
Launching the Installer
Launching the Installer

Figure 3.1. Launching the Installer

On recent versions of Windows you'll almost certainly get a message pop up asking permission to install the IotaBackup package.

You will need to select Yes to continue.

User Account Control panel

Figure 3.2. User Account Control panel

Depending which version of Windows you have, and how up to date it is, you may need to install the .NET Framework 4.

You will need to select Yes to continue.

Prompt to install .NET 4

Figure 3.3. Prompt to install .NET 4

You should now be greeted by a Welcome screen. Click Next.
Launching the Installer

Figure 3.4. Launching the Installer

You may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable. If so, click "Install Missing Components" and then when this completes Click Next.
Installing Prerequisites
Installing Prerequisites

Figure 3.5. Installing Prerequisites

IotaBackup will now install, and then you can choose what to backup. There are some suggestions that you can tick, or click on the folder icon towards the top right to pick from a folder tree.
Selecting what folders to backup

Figure 3.6. Selecting what folders to backup

Next you will be given the opportunity to choose a password which will be used to protect your backup. This password secures your encryption key, and will be needed later when you restore backups. Although you won't be enforced to choose a password, it is strongly recommended.

For safekeeping you may choose to upload the key to the server.

You will need to select Next to continue.

Choosing a password to secure your backup
Choosing a password to secure your backup

Figure 3.7. Choosing a password to secure your backup

Installation is now complete. When you click Finish a web browser will open showing your Backup Client, and the Backup Status panel should open to show progress.
Selecting where to install IotaBackup

Figure 3.8. Selecting where to install IotaBackup

Table 3.1. IotaBackup Installation steps