Chapter 4. The Tray Status Panel

Should you wish to, you can monitor the progress of your backup by launching the Status panel from the Tray app.

IotaBackup is the blue hexagon icon

Figure 4.1. IotaBackup is the blue hexagon icon

Double-click the IotaBackup tray app to open the panel:

The compact Status Panel

Figure 4.2. The compact Status Panel

This panel shows what IotaBackup is doing, what file is currently being backed up, and the total number so far. If you click on 'More', you get more details information:

The expanded Status Panel

Figure 4.3. The expanded Status Panel

The panel now shows the total amount of data backed up and how much as actually been sent across the Internet to the Cloud server. The Efficiency gauge shows the Backed up amount/Send to cloud amount, and the higher the value the better. There is also an approximate throughput based on the last data block that was sent. It is shown in red when it is below 150KB/s. You can hover over various metrics and the efficiency gauge for more detail. The efficiency dial will show roughly 1 if you are backing up personal data that doesn't compress well. All being well it will be 2 or more showing that you are benefiting from various deduplication techniques.

The queue length shows many files have been changed in the monitored directories, and that IotaBackup will return to when it is ready. The Retrying number (which is included in the Queue length) is how many files have had a problem being backed up, and will be returned to. You can bring up a list of the Retrying files by clicking More.

If you right-click either the Status panel or the Tray icon, a pop up menu gives you a shortcut to the other IotaBackup applications.

The popup menu

Figure 4.4. The popup menu

You can quickly launch the Configuration and Restore applications.

The Status panel will show what stage it is in, as well some more detail of what it is doing. The Stages are shown below.

Waiting: This is shown when the Tray application is trying to connect to the Service.
Connecting: This is shown when IotaBackup is attempting to connect to the Cloud server.
Full Scan: A full scan is taking place. If this is the first time IotaBackup is run, this will be time-consuming as each file must be read and potentially backed up.
Live Backup: Files are being backed up as they are changed
Paused: Either explicitly or because on battery
Idle: Nothing to do
Warning: More information will be shown

Table 4.1. Stages