Chapter 5. Configuration

IotaBackup provides a straightforwards configuration screen, as shown in Figure 5.1, “The IotaBackup Configuration panel”. If you are not an administrator most of the functionality will be disabled/greyed out.

You can launch the Configuratin panel from the Start menu, or from the Tray popup menu shown in Figure 4.4, “The popup menu”.

The IotaBackup Configuration panel

Figure 5.1. The IotaBackup Configuration panel

The IotaBackup Configuration panel since

Figure 5.2. The IotaBackup Configuration panel since

The panel allows you to:

Control the Service

You can Start, Stop, Restart and Pause the IotaBackup Service which performs the backing up in the background.

Pause when on battery

This is set by default, and sensible as you will want to preserve your battery reserves when on the move. The checksumming, compression and encryption can be fairly CPU intensive. With this enabled the Service should automatically pause shortly after going onto batter, and resume

Configure what gets backed up

The list of directories being backed up is shown in the right pane, and can be updated using the left and right arrows to update the list.

After making your changes, click Apply. If you have updated the directory list, you will need to restart the service if it is running.