Chapter 6. Restoring your Backups

You should see a screen similar to Figure 6.1, “The Restore application” when you launch Restore. If you have set a password on your backups, you will be prompted for it.

The Restore application

Figure 6.1. The Restore application

The four quadrants are:

The top left quadrant shows a directory tree of your backed up files.

You can choose what you restore by ticking the appropriate files/directories, and they will be listed in the bottom right quadrant. You can also select items and see further information in top right quadrant.

When you have selected the files you wish to retrieve, click "Restore Files"[a].

Directory of Backed up files

Figure 6.2. Directory of Backed up files

The top right panel shows properties and file permissions of the currently selected File or Directory.

Details of selected File or Directory

Figure 6.3. Details of selected File or Directory

The bottom left panel shows the Snapshots which can be restored. Initially the 'Current' one will be shown, which is the most recent backup. Snapshots are taken once a full backup completes, and then typically ever 20 minutes. If you have a large number of snapshots, they will be organised into days and months.

If you click one of the earlier Snapshot, IotaBackup will retrieve the state of your backup as it was. Note that this can be time-consuming as it can involve a significant amount of work to restore the state of your backup as it was.

Available Snapshots

Figure 6.4. Available Snapshots

The bottom right quadrant shows what you have selected to restore. When you select files or directories in the Directory tree, this panel will update.

The Files and Directories selected for Restore

Figure 6.5. The Files and Directories selected for Restore

[a] Note that Apply Permissions is currently disabled, and will be enabled in future releases.

Table 6.1. The Quadrants in the Restore application

When you Restore Files, you will see it progressing.

Restore Progress

Figure 6.6. Restore Progress

There are some refinements due in future releases to improve the memory usage and performance of the Restore application.