Chapter 7. Advanced Topics

Table of Contents

Registry Settings
Restoring Backups from other systems

This section provides information on more advanced topics. In day-to-day use you can skip this section.


A small number of files are kept on your computer, on most recent versions of Windows in C:\ProgramData\IotaBackup (which may not readily be visible in Explorer).

keys\public.pem and keys\private.pem

These two files hold your private and public key pair. Please keep them safe as losing them will prevent you restoring your backup. If you do, but have uploaded them for safekeeping during installation, we can help recover them for you.

The full paths are stored in the PrivateKeyPEMFilename and PublicKeyPEMFilename registry setting.


This is a log file that records what has been happening under the hood.


This is a database that keeps a record of what has been backed up so that on a restart the full scan doesn't need to checksum each file.

The full path is stored in the DatabaseLocation registry setting.

Table 7.1. Application Files

Should you uninstall IotaBackup you will be given the option of whether to remove these files. Do so with care, as losing your keys may prevent backups being restored.