Chapter 9. Frequently Asked Questions

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How much data can I backup?

This section provides answers to questions that we get asked.

How much data can I backup?

There are a few factors to this, and no straightforward answer. The quick answer is that users tend to be able to back up typically 6GB per day. That assumes roughly a 100KB/s to 150KB/s upload speed, and takes compression and encryption times into account.

Various other factors can improve this:

  • If your data compresses well, less data will need to be uploaded. In particular text files can often compress to 10%-50% of their original size. Unfortunately many file formats these days are already compressed and won't compress any further, such as Images, Videos and Office Documents.

  • As your files are being backed up, the server will be checked to see if it already stores them. If so, there's no need to compress, encrypt and transmit data. That speeds things up loads!

Both these factors influence the Efficiency dial — the higher the number the better the compression and deduplication are working. For personal data, such as your personal photos, there's little that can be done to speed up transmission.