Chapter 10. Revision History

This section provides a revision history so that you can decide whether you need to upgrade.

Version Release Date Changes 04 Aug 2014 First public release 08 Aug 2014 Fix a problem with backing up newly created Reparse Points. Manifests itself when creating a new Windows User. 12 Aug 2014 No visible changes. Communication update 14 Aug 2014 Fix to exclusions when running as a service. Although not essential, an upgrade is suggested 22 Aug 2014 Enhance Config application to allow directories to be excluded. 28 Aug 2014

Reach 1.0 release. Thanks to everyone who helped us reach this milestone.

Fixes a problem with restoring individual files. 01 Sep 2014 Trivial tweak for when Configuration application run by non-Administrator. 08 Sep 2014 Small tweak to remove queued items when backed up in full scan. 24 Sep 2014 Some fairly siginificant all round performance improvements. Also includes some improvements to Configuration panel. Certainly worth upgrading to. 26 Sep 2014 Some refactoring which should reduce the memory footprint of the Service. 30 Sep 2014 The BackupConfig and BackupConfigExtra registry settings can now store more 'traits' than just which directories to include/exclude. This functionality will be expanded in future versions. 02 Oct 2014 Some tuning of the Live Backup phase. Larger files will now be backed up less urgently. This tried to improve backing large mailboxes or repositories that change frequently, and would previously have required IotaBackup to spend significant time rescanning the files for changes. 14 Oct 2014 Add LiveBackupSleepNSec registry setting which controls the time to sleep when idle during Live Backup. 16 Oct 2014 Add FullBackupSkipSizeOverMB registry setting which causes large files (by default over >100MB) to be initially skipped during the initial full backup phase, and then be picked up by live backup. This will help back up the majority of your files quicker on the first and subsequent runs. There isn't currently finer control using a trait.

Table 10.1. Recent Revision History