IotaBackup Documentation

David Holmes


This document provides information about installing and configuring IotaBackup, a Cloud Based backup solution which stores your precious files off-site in a secure Data Centre.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The IotaBackup website
3. Installing IotaBackup
4. The Tray Status Panel
5. Configuration
6. Restoring your Backups
7. Advanced Topics
8. Uninstalling IotaBackup
9. Frequently Asked Questions
10. Revision History

List of Figures

2.1. Website menu once logged in
2.2. Client Downloads page
2.3. Your Backup Clients page
3.1. Launching the Installer
3.2. User Account Control panel
3.3. Prompt to install .NET 4
3.4. Launching the Installer
3.5. Installing Prerequisites
3.6. Selecting what folders to backup
3.7. Choosing a password to secure your backup
3.8. Selecting where to install IotaBackup
4.1. IotaBackup is the blue hexagon icon
4.2. The compact Status Panel
4.3. The expanded Status Panel
4.4. The popup menu
5.1. The IotaBackup Configuration panel
5.2. The IotaBackup Configuration panel since
6.1. The Restore application
6.2. Directory of Backed up files
6.3. Details of selected File or Directory
6.4. Available Snapshots
6.5. The Files and Directories selected for Restore
6.6. Restore Progress

List of Tables

1.1. The IotaBackup applications
3.1. IotaBackup Installation steps
4.1. Stages
6.1. The Quadrants in the Restore application
7.1. Application Files
7.2. Registry settings
7.3. 'Trait' settings usable in BackupConfig and BackupConfigExtra
10.1. Recent Revision History